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   Sunday, August 18 2019
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Bienes Raíces - Residencial y  Comercial
FOR SALE Single Family Home
US$ 750,000.00

1000 M2 total area, 350 M2 built
Located in La Molina
Living room, Dining room, 4 Bedrooms, 3 full baths 1 Master Bedroom with full bath half bath, 1 maid room maid bath, 4 cars garage

REF: LMVC0160 --> more info
FOR SALE Single Family Home
US$ 580,000.00

331 M2 total area, 308 M2 built
Located in La Planicie
Living room, Dining room, 4 Bedrooms, 3 full baths 2 Master Bedroom s with full bath half bath, 1 maid room maid bath, 3 cars garage

REF: LECONDO --> more info
FOR SALE Appartment
US$ 235,000.00

FLOOR 4, 120 M2 built
Located in Magdalena del Mar
Living/Dining room, 3 Bedrooms, 2 full baths 1 Master Bedroom with full bath half bath, 1 maid room maid bath, 1 car garage

REF: 00VD0150 --> more info


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Peru produces fruits and vegetables that meet the highest quality requirements of the international fresh produce markets: Flavor, color, consistency and aroma. Our exports catalogue includes mangoes, table grapes, avocado, a variety of citrus fruits, organic banana and black olives, among others. Among the vegetables, the stand-outs are white and green asparagus, processed under high standards, as well as conserved artichoke, red pepper and paprika, and a large variety of beans, peas, onions and grains.

Due to its geographic location, our country can produce in counter-season and throughout the entire year. Likewise, its particular climatic conditions, determined by the presence of the Andes, its multiple ecosystems and the ocean currents, allow the obtaining of crops of extraordinary organoleptic properties.

Another reason, not least important, is the commitment of the Peruvian producers to quality, which is refl ected in their use of state-of-the-art technology and in the implementation of both good practice and food security systems. As a result, our exports comply with the standards required by the sanitary authorities and consumers in the main markets.

By selecting the Peruvian fruits and vegetables you will secure a timely supply of competitive agricultural products. You are kindly invited to taste it

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  Search the 25 Regions of Peru  From Industry to Agriculture, Real Estate, Tourism and every economic sector, there`are a variety of opportunities for business in the 25 regions of Peru.
Our Database, provides direct access to the 25 regional governments, business organizations and prospective clients and suppliers.
Peru Regional Map

Information on this database has been collected from different public sources and by direct contact with the regional governments and private associations listed in the database. This information is available only as a reference for interested third parties.

Regions in Peru are politically and economically independent from the central government. Each region has its own executive, legislative and judicial branch. Peru's regional economy reflects its varied geography: An arid coastal region, the Andes further inland, and tropical lands bordering Colombia and Brazil. Abundant mineral resources are found in the mountainous areas, and Peru's coastal waters provide excellent fishing grounds.

There are innumerable opportunities for small, intermediate and large investments. Regional governments are looking for investors for the development of projects in sectors like health, education, infraestructure, energy, water treatment, food and agriculture industry, transportation, etc.


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